The Fall Cure, 2009

Welcome to the AT Fall Home Cure!

We start by actually asking you to sign up - even if you've done the Cure a dozen times. Not only will this act as your first step towards initiating a successful Cure, but it will also allow us to get in touch with you, solicit feedback and email you if opt in.

Good luck and welcome aboard!



Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Founder, Apartment Therapy

Commit to Your Cure...

Our job here at AT is to support you and connect you to others who are also undertaking a home improvement project this Fall. By signing on here you will be joining an elite group of readers who have improved their homes through working with our community. Since home improvement is hard work, it makes it much easier if you have company.

This form is where it begins.

I have found it useful if each curee make a simple resolution to work hard for eight weeks and to commit to posting a progress report with pictures either in the comments section of the Cure posts or through our new submission from at least once a week. At the end of the eight weeks we'll then celebrate your achievement through posting your "after" pics and I'll add your name to our growing list of graduates.

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