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Kitchen Cure Wrap-Up: Happy Graduation!
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_11_12-SeaShell_1-finished.jpgmini-banner.pngCure-takers, you put four weeks of hard work in and, if all went according to plan, your kitchen is clean, healthy and organized. Dare I say that means you're ready to take on holiday cooking? Whatever your cooking plans are in the next few weeks, you can be sure you're going in with a kitchen in tip-top shape.

There were over 2,500 of you on this journey and so many of you participated. I know not everyone is done, but I encourage you to stay the course. Join the leagues who are finished and cheering you on from their sparkling, organized, cheerful kitchens.

Kitchen Cure Check-In Week 4: Dinner Party Planned?
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_11_08-Cure.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Beautify and Plan a Dinner Party
Time Left: Almost done!
Cure Takers: 2,451

Your kitchen is clean, restocked, and refreshed. You're adding a few finishing touches, like a jar of flowers on the windowsill. You're thinking ahead to having a few friends over to dinner, or hosting the Thanksgiving party. How are you doing? How is your kitchen feeling? Do you have a dinner party on the calendar yet?

Before & After: Kitchen Breakfast Nook Makeover
Kitchen Project

This week I have been showing the special projects I did in my rental kitchen this past year to make it a little more beautiful and functional. I transformed a dark closet into a pantry, and I lightened up the kitchen itself with a good old-fashioned paint job. Now comes the last project, and the one I'm proudest of: A breakfast nook makeover. From dingy camper-style to my favorite spot in the house... read on to see what we did!

Kitchen Cure Week 4: Beautify & Plan a Dinner Party
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_11_5-F10KC-deniseandpete-potrack.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Beautify and Plan a Dinner Party
Time Left: Finish line is in site! One last week of hard work.
Cure Takers: 2,451

The end is in sight. By now, you should have a totally clean kitchen. When was the last time that happened? By "totally clean" I mean every single surface is greaseless including oil bottles and spice caps. The seal on your refrigerator has no mildew. Heck, maybe you even wiped down the lightbulb over the stove. You have tossed, recycled and given away ingredients and tools then restocked. So what's the point of all this?

It's time to put some spirit into your kitchen and celebrate. This week you'll do one special project, bringing beauty and life into the room, and then you'll invite people over for a home-cooked meal. So for one last week, roll up your sleeves — but this time, have your party shoes waiting for the big finale.

Dark to Bright: On Painting the Kitchen
Kitchen Project

During these last two weeks of the Kitchen Cure we are encouraging you to think about doing some sort of project in your kitchen. Hang a shelf, or a picture, or replace a worn-out appliance. Here's one example of a major project I did in my kitchen this past winter: A fresh paint job! Painting the kitchen is definitely a messy, time-consuming project, but with a little organization it can go by fast, and the results can be so rewarding.

Eyesore to Storage: Hall Closet Converted Into a Pantry
Kitchen Project

During this week of the Kitchen Cure we are encouraging all the Cure-takers to restock their kitchens, but also to take on one small kitchen project. From hanging a shelf to painting a wall, this is just a project that will beautify and improve your kitchen. So I am sharing a few projects I did in my own kitchen this past year. The first: Converting a dingy, shallow hall closet into a bright and useful pantry.

Get Organized! A Peek Inside Martha's Kitchen Drawers
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

The third week of the Kitchen Cure is focused on restocking. You've pulled everything out, cleaned it, and pitched the dead weight. Now you're putting it all back together, and who better to inspire us in the area of reorganization, but Martha Stewart? Here's a trip through the drawer organization in one of Martha's own kitchens.

Kitchen Cure Check-In Week 3: Are You Restocked?
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_11_01-Check-in.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Restock Kitchen with Ingredients & Tools
Time Left: You're over halfway there! Less than 2 weeks!
Cure Takers: 2,541

Hello Cure-takers! How was your weekend? Did you get a chance to work on the third Kitchen Cure assignment, even amidst Halloween festivities? Did you restock? Reorganize? How's your kitchen feeling?

Kitchen Cure Week 3: Restock Pantry & Tools
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_29-F10KC-stlcolleen.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Restock Kitchen with Ingredients & Tools
Time Left: You're halfway there! 2 more weeks!
Cure Takers: 2,539

Welcome to Week Three. I assume you have done your homework these last two weeks? Your refrigerator and freezer have no expired food and are completely clean, right? Are your cupboards and drawers organized? No more rancid oils, spoiled condiments, extra slotted spoons and one-trick never-used appliances? Then you're ready to move on.

Let's stock your kitchen so that you can actually use it.

Six Green Cleaners for the Kitchen
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_29-Cleaners.jpgLast week we talked about Homemade Green Cleaning Solutions for the Kitchen, but here's a post for those of you who prefer store-bought cleaners. See six of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning products after the jump and share your own recommendations in the comments.

Downsized Kitchens: 3 Space-Saving Measuring Tools

Cupboard and drawers are prime real estate in small kitchens. We’re always looking for ways to pare down and cut back, especially this week as we tackle cupboard clutter in Week 2 of the Kitchen Cure. If you need to clear some space, these measuring scoops and spoons might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Inside the Kitchen Cure: De-Cluttering and Re-Organizing
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

Obviously, I haven’t made much progress with this junk drawer since I posted about it a good seven months ago. But we’re all about cleaning out unused tools and reorganizing as part of the Kitchen Cure this week, so I think it’s time to give this drawer some serious attention.

Kitchen Cure Check-In Week 2: How Organized Are You?
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_23-CureCheckIn.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Clean out Equipment, Tools & Gadgets and More Deep Cleaning
Time Left: Two weekends down. 2 1/2 weeks to go!
Cure Takers: 2500 and counting... (newbies, sign up here)

Hello Cure-takers! We're really into the thick of things now with the second Kitchen Cure assignment last Friday. Did you have time over the weekend to go through your tools, gadgets, and cookware? What did you get rid of? What did you keep? Are your drawers more organized? Tell us how it's going!

Kitchen Cure Week 2: Clean Out Tools & Gadgets
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_22-cure2-dpete22-kitchen.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Clean out Equipment, Tools & Gadgets and More Deep Cleaning
Time Left: 1 down, 3 weeks to go
Cure Takers: 2,459

Week Two! I'm absolutely floored by how much progress you are making. Keep going; it'll be infinitely more satisfying as the weeks wear on.

Now that you have tackled your ingredients in the fridge and pantry, it's time to turn our attention to your equipment. Time to take a long honest look at the stuff in your cupboards and on your counters, from little things like flatware, to big appliances like the ice cream maker. Do you really use that George Foreman grill? Do you truly need three strainers?

Haven't joined yet? Say "yes" to the Kitchen Cure right here. (It's easy and free.) Now read on for this week's assignment.

Where To Store What In the Refrigerator
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_22-refrigerator.jpgMany of us have been cleaning the fridge this week as part of the Kitchen Cure.

Do you have a system for deciding what goes where? A little knowledge about the different temperature zones in your refrigerator can help.

Refrigerators vary, so ultimately you'll want to assess the design and temperature of your own particular model, but these are some general guidelines:

Kitchen Cure: Don't Forget to Clean Out Your Wine Racks!
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_20-Wine.jpgSo many of our readers (over 2400!) have signed up for the Kitchen Cure, which is designed to get your kitchen in ship-shape in four weeks. I was wondering how many of you think about cleaning out your wine stash? Hands up — How many of us have bottles hanging around that should have been drunk a year or more ago?

Homemade Green Cleaning Solutions for the Kitchen
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_20-greenclean.jpgMaking your own green kitchen cleaners is not only good for the environment but also your health and wallet.

In the spirit of the Kitchen Cure, which just started this week, we have rounded up the best DIY, eco-friendly cleaning solutions from The Kitchn and Re-Nest, our sister site devoted to green homes.

Most of these green cleaners can be made with just a few ingredients, many of which you probably already have in your pantry.

Inside the Kitchen Cure: Cleaning & Organizing the Pantry
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

On to the second of our Cure tasks this week: cleaning, decluttering, and re-organizing the pantry. I gave myself plenty of time for this one, knowing it would take a while to sort through all those twisted-up baggies and half-used containers. Admittedly, the photo above is an “after” shot, but read on for the behind the scenes story of how I got there.

Inside the Kitchen Cure: Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

I started on the Kitchen Cure this past weekend with a thorough clean-out of the fridge. (See the Week 1 Kitchen Cure assignment here.) This was not the most fun of tasks. No, decidedly not. Especially after I’d emptied the contents of the fridge and stood staring in disbelief at the amount of grit and gunk coating the bare shelves. But once I scrubbed and wiped, the ultimate sensation was extreme satisfaction.

Kitchen Cure Check-In Week 1: Is Your Fridge Clean Yet?
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

2010_10_26-Cure.jpgmini-banner.pngThis Week: Clean the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry
Time Left: One weekend down. 3 1/2 weeks to go!
Cure Takers: 2273 and counting... (newbies, sign up here)

Good afternoon, Cure-takers! We're off to the races with the first Kitchen Cure assignment last Friday. Did you have time over the weekend to clean out your fridge, freezer, and pantry? If you didn't, no worries! You have the rest of the week, and we have some good inspiration for you coming up. Tell us how it's going!

Kitchen Cure Week 1: Clean Fridge, Freezer & Pantry
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

mini-banner.pngThis Week: Clean the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry
Time Left: Lift-off! Four weeks to go!
Cure Takers: 1,900 and counting... (newbies, sign up here)

Welcome, everyone! There are almost 2,000 of you signed up! Don't worry, it's going to be very cozy here at The Kitchen Cure, with lots of one-on-one attention. If you participate and submit, the community will help you along. Each week you'll have an opportunity to submit your progress. Also, get active in the Flickr pool. The more imagery you all share, the more helpful you are to each other. I may even show up in your inbox with some advice if you ask me point-blank for help (email me!) If you're shy and want to watch from afar, that's okay too.

This week we start you on the path toward a completely clean kitchen. You'll clean out and clean the fridge, freezer and pantry or cabinets (wherever you keep your dry-goods.) Read on for the week's assignments.

Time Again for a Kitchen Cure

2010_10_14-cure-messy-pantry.jpgYour kitchen might be sick, or maybe all it needs is a little tune up and buffing. The majority of kitchens I see, including my own sometimes, display, at the very least, symptoms of chaos, disarray or atrophy. What you see above is a shot of a kitchen before the last Kitchen Cure. I chose this photo not to scare you, but to help you feel like you are not alone.

Our kitchens need love and attention just like our bodies. When your kitchen is an organized and happy place, you will cook more often. Simple.

Sign Up Now: The Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure Starts Friday

2010_10_10-KitchenCure.jpgDoes your kitchen need a little attention before the fall hits in earnest? Before the holidays arrive? All of us could use a little time to focus on the kitchen this time of year, and the Fall Kitchen Cure will help us all do it together.

Want four weeks of encouragement and help in getting your kitchen sparkling, de-cluttered, and ready for holiday entertaining? Sign up today for the Kitchen Cure! It kicks off this Friday, October 15th.

Sign up here: The Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure Discussion Board

2010_10_10-KitchenCureDiscuss.jpgThis is the place for all Kitchen Cure-related discussions — a free-form space for questions, answers, inspiration and links to what you're doing.

Please comment below and feel free to include links to sites where you are documenting your Kitchen Cure. We'd love to see (and share!) photos of your progress! To share kitchen photos, upload them to our Kitchen Cure Group at Flickr.

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